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August 3, 2020

Chelsi Sheaffer Photography — Who’s behind the camera??

Chelsi Sheaffer

I’m the woman behind Chelsi Sheaffer Photography! I am a person who loves organizing, burning candles, doing crafts with my daughter, binging Netflix shows, date nights with my husband, baking yummy desserts, and serving others. I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints where I learned that everybody – no matter what they look like, act like, or who they love – should be treated with love and respect. I truly believe that everybody is unique and that is necessary because we need a little of everything in life to get things done right.

Chelsi Sheaffer and Husband
Chelsi and husband Trevor!
Chelsi Sheaffer and family
Sheaffer Family!

I am married to the love of my life, Trevor, who loves me and my weirdness no matter how much I annoy him with it. We love to spend time with our little family and go out to eat! Is there really anything more fun than eating?? We have two daughters, Aubrey and Parker. Aubrey is turning 5 in October and is as girly and sweet as they come! Her favorite things are princesses, baby dolls, playing “people” and dancing. Parker is almost 2 and is active and curious! We may call her our little “dog” since her favorite things to do are eat scraps off the floor, chew on everything, and try to make as many messes as possible before we notice. She is also very outgoing and says Hi to everybody at super random times and will raise her hand when other people do.

I was born and raised in Washington but went to Rexburg, Idaho to go to school at Brigham Young University – Idaho. I LOVED the small-town vibes there and want to visit soon! We have so much family in Washington so we never want to leave our beautiful state! We have mountains, trees, hills, and rain. What more could you ever want?? And yes, I love the rain and LOVE storms (:

I want to start this blog to show a little more of myself and to show you guys more of the sessions I capture plus any advice that will help you with your photo session. Check out my session options if you haven’t already to see what Chelsi Sheaffer Photography has to offer (:

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