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September 10, 2020

Senior Session: what should I bring/wear?

This is such a great question for seniors and can change for each photographer. My short answer for this question is to bring anything to your senior session that helps you remember your high school experience better. This can be an outfit that you wear a lot and love on, your letterman’s jacket from the sport you spent so much time playing, or your favorite necklace that you wore almost every day. This will be different for every single senior too and no matter what is special to you, I want to help photograph it and help you remember this time in your life, because life changes after high school!

I have said this on other mediums before but I’ll repeat it here because it pertains to every type of photo session, especially senior sessions! Try to stay away from logos, shirts that are the same color as your hair, or super bright/neon colors or super busy/bright patterns. These attract the eye to something other than your face and your face should be the focus!

One thing I think is a good idea is to try to have one outfit that is more neutral then another outfit that has more color. This gives you options in different colors and depending on the background of the location, it can work well to have different color pallet options!

Another tip is to not wear anything too tight or revealing but try to stay away from anything way too baggy too. It doesn’t always photograph as well. You want to have a timeless picture to be able to show your family and to feel confident about later in life. Wear something that helps you feel like yourself and helps you feel confident because that will show in your final photos (:

I’ll include links to a couple of my favorite online boutiques that have some super cute outfits! These are definitely geared toward my female seniors. Look for ideas or catch their sales! Check out some ideas on too!

Love Olive Co:

Saving Paige:


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